Salt-Free Water Softener Systems

Many homes and offices experience problems with hard water and our EcoProTechTTM Anti-Scale solution addresses those issues using any salt or chemicals and without wasting water in the process, like with some other popular systems.

One thing to note is that our EcoProTechTTM Anti-Scale product is not technically a water softener and does not remove calcium and magnesium. It uses proprietary PTT media to manage scaling by converting hard minerals from ions to small crystalline form, which causes for it to not attach itself to appliances, pipes, and fixture surfaces. As a matter of fact, these crystals are so microscopic that they can simply be rinsed away by normal water flow.

Call us to discuss your specific issues so we can help you find the perfection salt-free water system for you. Our EcoProTechT is not perfect for all situations, so contact us and schedule a free in-home analysis with one of our experts so we can get you on the road to cleaner and clearer water.


EcoProTechT - Aqua Brothers Salt-Free Water Softener System
  • No Electricity Involved – Makes installation and maintenance much more simple
  • Zero Waste Water – Zero discharge and no backwashing required
  • No Added Chemicals or Salt Needed – Uses “green” technology for areas with restrictions on water or brine-discharge
  • Reduces the forming of hard water scale in appliances and plumbing