Water Softener & System Rental Program

Buying all of the equipment that you need to get your water flowing cleaner and clearer can be very expensive, which is why we started a rental program. Renting a water softener or entire system from us will allow you to get everything you need without investing a ton of capital upfront.

No matter what specific issues you are experiencing, here is how the program will work:

  • Every type of system we offer is available for rent – water softeners, filters, refiners, and drinking water systems.
  • Most rentals are brand new, but, if available, you can have the option of a reconditioned system at a lower price.
  • The upfront cost covers the first month and a small installation fee (usually $100-200 depending the difficulty of the job).
  • The installation fee includes removing any old equipment that you would like to be disposed and filling your new system with salt.
  • You can decide to purchase the system at any point and, if so, we will give you credit for up to 12 months towards the purchase price.
  • All parts and labor will be covered by Aqua Brothers for as long as you are renting the system.
  • We will never charge you for any type of service fee or trips for us to come out and service the equipment.
  • We want to make sure you are happy with your system.

We would love to discuss the opportunity of having you join this program. Tons of our customers are utilizing it, and for very good reason. Fill out our form or call us at 800-894-1818 to let us know if you have any questions about the water system rental program, so we can get you started as soon as possible!